Corridors College Aims and Objectives

Corridors College
is run by Corridors College Ltd., a not-for-profit association registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Corridors College Ltd Mission:

Subject to the Act, the primary purpose of the Company is the education of young people who find themselves excluded from mainstream education. The Company provides a secure, safe, enriching and challenging educational environment. The Company aims to develop a young person to overcome their difficulties, to deeply understand themselves and to become someone capable of contributing to society.

Corridors College
has the following Objectives:
  1. To establish, maintain and operate an effective educational and training system for clients. One special focus is clients who may require support for their academic and social development beyond that being provided for in mainstream schooling. Cutting edge practice in the area of education and training is being constantly sought and implemented.

  2. To provide services to develop in individual clients; appropriate social skills in conflict resolution, problem solving, anger management, communication, co-operation, confidence building and decision-making.

  3. To actively engage clients in developing self-responsible and self-empowering life skills by forming responsibly-managed and organized participatory Councils.

  4. To support volunteer mentors in the task of providing extra assistance for clients when requested by staff

Student Needs Profile - 2012