Background of the College

Corridors College
has now been operating for fifteen years (since 1998). It was established as a community based "efficient, independent secondary school" addressing the needs of educationally alienated youth. 

The young people who attend Corridors have often had difficult personal and educational experiences that have brought them to the attention of officers from Police, Juvenile Justice, Family Services, Health and Education and other Government and Community agencies. Most of the young people who attend Corridors College fall into the category of "Youth at Risk". 

Corridors' students or 'clients' may be categorised as "at risk" for a variety of reasons. Some have problems because of unwise life choices, while others are the unwilling or unknowing victims of the life choices made by their parents, relatives or carers. Whatever the reason(s), the outcomes are the same. These young people are generally isolated from past, peers, parents and mainstream society. Corridors' operates as an open doorway to help build future opportunities for those for whom mainstream options have closed.

During its first two years of operation, the College trained approximately 60 clients per annum from a wide range of backgrounds. In subsequent years, the number of young people attending or being administered by Corridors College has steadily increased, to the point where approximately 100 young clients are engaged at present.

The growth of the College has not been limited by the number of clients or "youth at risk" available. The number of young people assessed as "youth at risk" is, unfortunately, growing larger every year. Expansion of Corridors College has been limited by a number of internal and external factors, including:

Funding available, Human Resources, Fixed resources, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Nature and Scope of services provided, Publicity, Access, Public perceptions.